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Pallet and package traceability

Scan all different packages as soon as they are labeled, either manually or using high-speed scanning on your production line, and also build pallets at the same time without losing traceability of the packaging material in each one. Access all this information in real-time and never lose visibility of the location of each package.

At Pack&Trace, we have the infrastructure to process and store information for every scanned item, from labeling to consumption by the end user, regardless of the type of operation you run on your production lines or the level of tracking precision you require.


  • Get information for each package using manual scans or by installing high-speed scanners on your production line.

  • Pack&Trace can read barcodes, QR codes, and Digimarc without changing the format of your labels.

  • Continue production even if there are issues with your internet connection; the system will save information and synchronize automatically when the connection is restored.

  • Access your package data from anywhere through the mobile app.

  • Maintain traceability even if some labels are not scanned with the help of our nearest neighbor algorithm, which helps you obtain the data that will narrow down your investigation.

Do you have questions about the traceability capacity available and how to adapt it to your process?

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