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Image - Dashboards con Pack&Trace

Dashboards and reports.

All information collected in Pack&Trace can be processed and converted into a series of reports that can be easily accessed. From reports on different transactions to graphic dashboards with custom metrics, the data can be presented as required by your type of business.


Collecting information from each package is important, but accessing it in a smart way without adding extra steps is crucial. The Pack&Trace team can integrate with your data processing flow by helping you build the reports and dashboards needed for your operation, so you never lose visibility of your products' behavior and can easily access the information.


  • Consult with us about your business needs, and we'll work with you to transform the available data into the reports or dashboards you require.

  • Access performance reports for products, label data, line or plant productivity, raw material traceability, among others.

  • Your team, suppliers, and clients will receive automated reports, giving them access to a historical data log that can be viewed from any device.

  • Visualize your information through easy-to-understand graphs and metrics, making decision-making more agile.

Do you have questions about the reporting capacity available and how to adapt it to your process?

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