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Maintain traceability
of your packaging

With our offline-first software that seamlessly integrates into your workflow.

Manage the traceability of your packaging products with the benefits that make Pack&Trace the specialized software for you

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Fully adaptable system to your business needs

Pack&Trace is a web-based software and mobile app that can be customized to fit seamlessly into your processes without any modifications.


  • Keep your scanning process according to the required level of data precision.

  • Manage each production plant with its lines, shifts, and other characteristics.

  • Handle your product catalog with its categories and UPC codes.

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Training and support according your necessities

We strive to understand the unique characteristics of your business and the challenges it faces in order to provide a tailored and accessible training plan and learning materials.  


Additionally, by getting to know your needs, we are better equipped to tackle your technical support queries more effectively. This involves finding the source of the issue, which allows us to provide the optimal solution.

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Share information between systems using APIs

Pack&Trace is a system designed to work entirely using APIs, that help us to build integrations with other systems in a more effective way.


Carry out your workflow without interruptions or rework. Our team of professionals will help you find the best way to optimize your processes with Pack&Trace.

Pallet and package traceability

Scan all different packages as soon as they are labeled, either manually or using high-speed scanning on your production line, and also build pallets at the same time without losing traceability of the packaging material in each one. Access all this information in real-time and never lose visibility of the location of each package.

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We have the ideal
solution for your business’ type

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Packaging manufacturing

Each type of packaging has different data tracking requirements based on its manufacturing and final use. Pack&Trace is an adaptable system that allows you to obtain the information your packaging products need with each scan, ensuring that you comply with any guidelines or requirements requested by your end consumers.


Get information on the life cycle of each package from its manufacture to every point of its use as a container for fruits, vegetables, or any agro-industrial product. Find out which field the product was harvested from, in which warehouses it was stored, and to which stores it was distributed. This way, you can easily trace any issues that arise and resolve them immediately.

Image - Pack&Trace para agroindustria
Image - Pack&Trace para trazabilidad de mercancía

Parcel tracking

Track your merchandise shipments and obtain information on each point of contact packages go through, from when an order is assembled to when it reaches the end consumer.


With Pack&Trace, we offer a tracking feature that is accessible through both the web and mobile application, allowing your customers to have confidence in the status of their orders and reinforcing their trust in your products.

Control your warehouse and grow your business

Contact us and let's build
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