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Hardware and specialized equipment.

Obtaining traceability information may require the acquisition of new tools and specific equipment. At Pack&Trace, we have the expertise to help you acquire the best tools for your workflow. From labels to high-speed scanners, consult with us about your needs and we will be able to assist you.

Strengthen your traceability capabilities with the right equipment. The Pack&Trace team of experts will provide you with optimal tools that fit into your supply chain, so you don't have to make drastic changes that could affect the productivity of your team.


  • Integrate Pack&Trace in a simple way, just by using smartphones and pre-printed labels provided by our team.

  • Get more accurate information about your product with the Pack&Trace Edge model. By installing high-speed scanners on your production line and connecting them to an industrial touch-screen computer, you can collect data from the scanned packages in real time. All necessary hardware and installation will be provided by our team of professionals.

  • Receive the necessary training and technical support to make it easier to integrate the new tools.

Do you have questions about the equipment needed in your workflow?

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